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Sailing waka project kicks off with wānanga

We are getting underway with a project with Te Kāhui Ako o Motu Kairangi to build two sailing waka to use across the RŪNĀ programme. During the October school holidays a gorup of students from Rongotai College and Wellington East Girls' College went to Auckland for a waka hourua and sailing technology wānanga. They spent four days with Te Toki Voyaging Trust and the New Zealand Sail GP team learning about traditional Maōri navigation techniques and modern racing boat building technologies.

On return here is what the boys from Rongotai had to say about their experience.

We want to express our gratitude and thankfulness for the fantastic experience you provided us with. Learning how to sail and understanding the ancient art of Pacific ocean voyaging was an unforgettable journey.

This experience has ignited a passion for sailing and some of us may embark on our own journey and may begin sailing more often. The knowledge we gained while on the crew will undoubtedly help us in the future - on the water and in life. Most importantly, we are excited to apply our newfound knowledge to the creation of our own waka.

Once again we are deeply thankful for the skills we have been taught aboard the Hinemoana. It was great to get off of our phones for a few days and really grow close together. By the end of our short trip it felt like we were one big family. Your energy was great at all times and we are very thankful.

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