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Worser Bay Boating Club: Club Sailing Programme
9 September 2023 to 30 April 2024  ( FYI Changes from  2021-22 in RED and 2022-23 in BLUE )
The Organising Authority is Worser Bay Boating Club Inc. (WBBC)
Marine Parade Seatoun Wellington
Supplementary Sailing Instructions (SSI)

The Supplementary Sailing Instructions do not apply to the WBBC Regatta and the club Champion of Champions event.

The notation ‘[NP]’ in a rule means that a boat may not protest another boat for breaking that rule.  This changes RRS 60.1(a).

This sheet and Addendum A are supplements to Appendix S of the Racing Rules of Sailing (page 146 RRS 2021-2024).  Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-24 | Yachting New Zealand (



SSI 1 The race office is located at the WBBC Clubrooms.

SSI 2 The official notice board is located at the WBBC Clubrooms.


SSI 3 Any change to the Sailing Instructions will be posted at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the race it will affect. Any changes to the schedule of races posted on the WBBC WebSite will be posted by 20:00 at least 7 days before it will take effect.


SSI 4 Signals ashore will be displayed on the flagstaff located at the South end of the rigging area adjacent to the launching ramp.

SSI 5 When flag AP is displayed ashore, ‘1 minute’ is replaced with ‘not less than 10 minutes in Race Signals AP.


SSI 6 The courses to be sailed, the order in which the marks are to be passed, and the side on which each mark is to be left will be displayed on the whiteboard in the WBBC Clubrooms not less than 10 minutes before the first warning signal is made. 

Course Diagrams, in Y.N.Z Race Management Guideline format, of typical WBBC  Club House start courses are:

Triangle Northerly , Triangle Southerly , Windward-Leeward Northerly , Windward-Leeward Southerly

Course laying and Start Finish laying Guides .

SSI 7 In the event that a gate mark is missing and has not been replaced with an object displaying flag M, the remaining mark shall be rounded to port.

SSI 8 The Race Committee may decrease the number of legs being sailed at a rounding mark or gate, the change will be signaled before the leading boat has begun the leg.

  1. The signal shall be the display of Flag S over Numeral Pennant One.

  2. The next leg is changed to the final leg and boats will sail to the finish.


SSI 9    The marks will be large cylindrical yellow buoys for outer courses  and orange spherical buoys for inner courses unless stated otherwise in the diagram of the course posted on the noticeboard. 


SSI 10 The Warning signal for each start will be 3 minutes before the Start. This changes RRS 26

SS1 11 The starting line will be between a vertical red line on the starting box or an orange flag on the race committee vessel and the course side of the red cylindrical  starting mark.

SSI  12 A spherical white inner distance mark may be laid between the start box and the outer distance mark. Where such a mark is laid boats approaching the line to start shall pass between this mark and the starting mark.

SSI 13 When a starting sequence is in progress, boats whose warning signal has not been made shall avoid the starting area. The starting area is defined as the area 50 metres from the starting line and marks in all directions.

SSI 14 A boat starting later than four minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start without a hearing.  This changes RRS A5.1 and 5.2.

SSI 15 In the event of a General Recall, the published starting sequence shall not be interrupted and the General Recall Flag ( 1st Substitute ) will be removed  one minute before the start signal for the next class to start, and the warning signal for the new start for the recalled fleet will be moved to the end of the remaining scheduled starts. This changes Rule 29.2 for all but the last start in the sequence.


SSI 16 The finishing line will be between a vertical red line on the starting box or a staff displaying a blue flag on the race committee vessel and the course side of the red cylindrical finishing mark.

SSI 17 A spherical white inner distance mark may be laid between the start box and the outer distance mark. Where such a mark is laid boats on the  approaching the line to finish shall pass

EITHER between this mark and the red cylindrical starting mark.

OR  between this mark and the start box.

This will be advised by the White Board Course Diagram on the day.


There is no prescribed time limit for the first boat to pass mark 1. 


SSI 21 For skiff, foiling, and catamaran classes rule 44.1 is changed so the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by a One-Turn Penalty.

SSI 22 Coaching of Green Fleet skippers while racing is permitted , provided that coaching is available to all. However, coaching shall be limited to skippers in the bottom third of the fleet in any given race to assist them to sail the course.



SSI 23 Boats helmed by other than the regular helmsman will be treated as a separate and additional entry and will be scored to that effect.

SSI 24 Upon written application made to the Sailing Committee, Points may be moved from one boat to another boat in the same class, if sailed by the same competitor.


SSI 25 Boats shall check out by signing the entrant’s sheet adjacent to the whiteboard in the WBBC clubrooms before launching, and check in after racing.

SSI 26 A boat that retires from a race shall notify the Race Committee as soon as possible.

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