The Boat & Beach Wise Trust

The Boat & Beach Wise Trust is a charitable trust, aligned to Worser Bay Boating Club, but with it's own governance board and operating structure.


The Trust's purpose is to advance education and benefit the community by working and assisting Worser Bay Boating Club to promote water safety awareness, to help people to develop sailing skills and to help youth become the best they can be through involvement in water-based sports and activities including sailing.  


The Boat & Beach Wise trust focuses on three programmes designed to keep kiwi kids safe and active in and around the sea.  The three programmes are:


  • Start Sailing Programme

  • Schools' Programme

  • Youth Programme

The Trust works with a range of stakeholders to put in place each of these programmes. The start sailing programme is fully operational and its activities can be seen here. The following PDFs show the framing for the schools' and youth programmes which the Boat & Beach Wise Trust is currently working on establishing.

Here are some images of the annual Worser Bay Beach Carnival which raises funds for the Boat & Beach Wise programmes.

The worser the bay ... the better the sailing