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What a Carnival !

After a hiatus of five long years, Sunday's Carnival returned in full force, casting a spell of joy and excitement that swept everyone off their feet. Watching those eager faces lining up for a sail with our remarkable members, was truly heartening.

Shout out to Glenn Stanley, whose leadership knitted together a wonderful team of whanau, pouring their energy into making the day a success. And let's not forget how our tummies were pleased by the culinary delights crafted by Francis Motta - his delectable rolls, featuring both ham and ratatouille, were an absolute delight for the senses.

But the true stars of the show? The tamariki, of course. From lending a hand at the stalls, retrieving tennis balls from the chilly waters of the catapult area, or taking other kids for an adventure sail in Optis, under the expert guidance of the lovely Annabelle Grindell, they infused the day with an infectious energy and unforgettable moments on the water.

Lets not forget our seasoned sailors and coaching team who braved the cold waters all day, taking countless eager participants out on Sunbursts - here's hoping you found warmth and comfort on Sunday night to recover.

The live music, the myriad of activities, and the overall ambiance perfectly embodied the spirit of WBBC. To each and every person who played a part in making this day shine, a heartfelt thank you.

Georgina Mein wone big at the Big Dig! She's was stoked! We'll be seeing Georgina on the water soon no doubt.

Right: Ben Mein giving kids the quick run over before getting them on the water.

The queue to get sailing didn't get much smaller than this all day.

Remember to peruse the event photos and visit the club's Facebook page for even more cherished memories and videos.

Share your most cherished moments from the Carnival and spread the love - together, we created a day that will be etched in our hearts for years to come!

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