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Registrations open for 2021-22 coaching

We've got a comprehensive programme of coaching planned for our various junior fleets this summer. We have focused programmes for Optisquad sailors, Blue Fleet sailors and our Junior Race Squad including Optimist Green, Optimist Open, P Class and Starling sailors.

Coaching takes place over two semesters. The first is during term four 2021 and the second is during term one 2022. All coaching is subsidised by our Boat & Beach Wise Trust with some provided for free and others requiring a contribution from sailors. All sailors need to be members of Worser Bay Boating Club to participate.

To register for our weekly coaching programmes please use the following links. Please note clinics during the season are promoted separately.

Opti Squad

Our programme to get young people into regular sailing. After your Start Sailing Course this is your next step. The club's plastic Optimists are used.

Blue Fleet

Our programme to get young people into sailing their own Optimists. Once you have graduated from Opti Squad this is your next step. The sailor's own Optimist is used.

Junior Race Squad (Optimist + P)

Our programme that gets young people into regatta sailing. Once you have graduated from the Blue Fleet then this is your next step.

Junior Race Squad (Starling)

Our programme for sailors as they transition into youth classes (note the registration process uses the same form as for Optimist and Ps).

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