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You have to be a club member to hire a sunburst. The sunbursts are available for hire on club sailing days which are typically Saturdays from September through to April. They are only available on these days as this is when we have rescue boats rostered on to help in case you get into some difficulty. To help keep eveyone safe you will need to stay inside a line from steeple rock through to Karaka bay wharf. If you damage the Sunburst then you will be reequired to cover the costs of repairs. In hiring the Sunburst you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk and that Worser Bay Boating Club and it's officials are not liable for any detrimental outcomes for you or your property resulting from your hire. If a club official deems it too windy to go for a sail on the day you have booked then your booking will be transfered to another day. 

Hire a Sunburst

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