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You spoke - We heard - Now we act

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Voice of the Participant - that would be your voice!

Around the end of 2020 YNZ provided us with an opportunity to have a say in how things are going at our club and what is important to you, the participant. The data from these club surveys were aggregated across the participating clubs in NZ and provided a view of how, collectively, all clubs are performing and the trends of what clubs members are saying across the country. YNZ also had their own survey that clubs General Committees were invited to provide YNZ feedback on how they are going.

TL/TR, go on scroll down if you must

At the bottom of the blog are two documents; one is our own results as a club, the other is the YNZ results.

How's YNZ going?

If you love data and are interested in the insights have a read – it's quite interesting. I saw the previous years results for the YNZ survey, and while it’s hard to say there has been improvement in any areas, (sub text, there's no evidence of movement) there has been greater level of respondents to the survey. There is a strong sense that clubs are wanting more from YNZ, so having a say in their survey is one way to voice that need.

How are we going?

Some clubs had no members respond to the club specific survey – that’s a measurement of engagement (or lack of) in itself. Where clubs had more than 30 respondents, they received their own report. We were one of the those clubs who got to see what our members said. Brilliant, thanks for that!

The insights came as no real surprise – showing as a team, the General Committee have our fingers on the pulse for the most part. Our response rate was pretty good. While there are some lovely things about how members feel and think about our club, we definitely have work to do.

That work needs to be the collective efforts of all members. We need to keep reminding ourselves that the success of the club comes from the sum of all it’s parts – that would be you!

So what?

The significant take away for me is the request (in this survey and to myself personally) for more focus on all sailor development. That is top on the list for all our sailors in the club, watch this space! The other key insight was that having fun is very important! We all agree, again, watch this space. If you want to get involved in helping grow these areas talk to one of our amazing and friendly General Committee members.

We haven’t had the opportunity to focus on the areas of insights in time for the next survey – in YNZ’s wisdom they are sending out this year’s survey with a short turn around from presenting the results from last year. Risking the results of a year on year survey not seeing movement or trends. A point that Ryan Leatham (EBY&MBC) manager raised in the presentation meeting with YNZ. So we don’t expect to see much movement, yet the details do provide valuable insights to what you all want out of a club and how we are going against other clubs across NZ.

As team, the General Committee added in the insights to our strategic plan, and some of the easy actions have been put in play for the upcoming season.

So, thanks again for your thoughts! Happy reading. If you have any questions about the data, I'm happy to talk to it, just come and ask me.


Winter 2020 YNZ VoP Report
Download PDF • 1.86MB

Worser Bay VOP Survey
Download PDF • 665KB

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