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Didn’t we get the perfect weather window?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Opening 96th Season

A light dusting of snow on the ranges, a sweet little breeze, sun shining and well over 50 boats on the water. The Mumford Trophy Opening day race was the day we have all been waiting for. The chance to get on the water and catch up (at a social distance) with our mates.

We made the call to open the season in Alert Level 2, regardless of the social restrictions. I was a bit anxious that we were lacking in ceremony, yet we wanted the emphasis to be about getting people on the water and sailing!

Thanks for the team for the collective efforts to get us on the water and have the bar open, within our guidelines. And we enjoyed the chance to just be! Be on the water. Be with our mates. Be away from our pressures and other lives.

Personally, the most important focus is mental health. Not a new story for my followers. Now more than ever it’s so critical to look after ourselves and each other. Sailing is my go-to for head space – active Zen; my time to get my head clear and to feel better about the world. And I thought if it is for me, then it simply must be for others. It was the perfect day to do just that.

So, this season; even if you don’t come to the club for a social catch up after sailing, make sure you get on the water. It’s good for the soul.

It was awesome to see so many members rock up and get on the water. From the junior fleets through to those not so junior. Even better to get the line win at the end of the day (it’s the only result that counts for a Skiff).

Bring Back Fun

This season we will experience some more changes. With the central focus on bringing the fun back to sailing – for all ages and classes. The Wise Council have updated the seasons sailing instructions and are going to make use of the 40 races we do in the entire season. Watch out for these to be published with a bit of an overview of what to expect. It’s all about making your racing count, yet not being penalised too severely for not being on the start line for the odd races.

Keep an eye out for Pirate Day – I expect to see all you pirates participate – you don’t want a munity.

Making Stuff Easier

We all need to pitch in to make our club hum. We now have an easily accessible roster, all in one place, for the key functions for a race day: RO, Chase Boat and Bar. Save the Rosters link and reference it. If you can’t make that allotted day, then feel free to shoulder tap other members to help. (I realise we have no published contact details for other members, also in the pipeline).

Big Saturdays

The learn to sail for both Junior and Adults will be run throughout a Saturday. The club will be busy, and I know you will all make sure that any new folk will be welcomed in the Worser Bay Way. Using all of Saturdays opens Sundays for senior Coaching clinics; that will be run by our Club Coaching Coordinator Warren Coffey. Keep an eye out for these in the season. Junior Class Coaching will continue to be throughout the week. We are looking to develop WBBC to be the club of choice for coaching, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the development of our amazing young talent in the coaching area.

See you on the water!

Mel P


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