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6-9 Nov



We're super excited and thrilled to be hosting the 2020 Toyota Optimist Nationals at Worser Bay. Enjoy.

Warmest regards

Mel Parkin
Worser Bay Boating Club

David Kayrouz

Event App

Get the Opti App & keep up to date with Regatta news and results. Search for "Opti App" on the App Store or scan this QR code.


Regatta Recap

The regatta is held for all sailors within the Opti age limit of 15yrs and will stand alone to determine our 2020 National Class Champion as well as the top placing NZIODA White and Green fleet sailors for 2020. For sailors continuing into the 2020-21 season the regatta will be ranked 20% for eligible sailors.


Please scan in every day you are at the regatta. There are plenty of Codi 19 QR codes throughout the site. Lets keep everyone safe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Event Team on:

Support Boat Registration

Equipment Safety Inspection

All boats must pass safety checks

Info on equipment safety checks

(click to read)

SAILORS MUST bring their completed safety check forms to the registration check-in desk.

Equipment Measurement

Open Fleet sailors are required to register their equipment by 5pm, Thur 5 Nov.

Day four action

Check out the action from day four!

Day three action

Check out the action from day three!

Day two action

Check out the action from day two!

Day one action

Check out the action from day one!

Regatta Prep

Watch this Spring camp vid to get an insight into what you're in for at the Opti Nats.

Message from Josh Junior

Worser Bay sailor who grew up sailing Optis

Optinats Prizegiving.JPG

Regatta Photos

Photos from the Regatta are now available to view and purchase. Click here for details.

Clean Regatta

We're running the event as a Clean Regatta. The focus of a clean regatta is sustainability, ensuring our playground - the ocean - is well looked after, read more here

Nov 1 - Help clean the beach, 10 am , Sun 1 Nov

Please bring your own drink bottle and coffee cup. We will not be supplying plastic bottled water. Wellington's finest is available on tap. Disposable coffee cups will not be available. Reusable cups will be given to each entrant and additional cups will be available for sale.

Want to Help?

Get involved, support the kids, make new friends and tell your mates how it couldn't have happened without you :-)   Please complete the volunteer form.

Spot Prizes

Start planning what you'll do when you win big. Our generous sponsors have put together some great spot prizes.


This event is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors

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