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Moanamana Open Day

Moanamana Open Day, Sunday 10th December 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

Worser Bay Boating Club has been working with schools in the Eastern Suburbs, the NZ Marine Studies Centre, and Mountains to Sea Wellington to establish a NZL Blue Belt Site at Worser Bay. Students have been trialing a set of tools and techniques to monitor ocean health and have been working on a set of ideas to restore marine ecosystems at Worser Bay.

Come down to the club and find out about ideas to create a NZL Blue Belt site to help protect marine biodiversity and restore low stocks of marine life at Worser Bay. And while you are there you can have a go at snorkeling with the team from Mountains to Sea Wellington.

Ocean Health Monitoring

Find out about the tools that students are using to monitor ocean health at Worser Bay.

Restoring ecosystems

Find out about projects such as the penguin hotel, the Love Rimurimu seaweed nursery, the anemone garden, and the paua hatchery.

Have a go at snorkeling

Bring your togs and towel and have a go snorkeling with the Mountains to Sea team - remember to arrive early as spaces fill fast! Wetsuit and all other gear provided.

And if you want to know what an NZL Blue Belt Site is then watch Peter Burling and Eirca Dawson explaining what it is all about.

We’d like to thank the following organisations who are supporting Worser Bay Boating Club and the schools in the Eastern Suburbs to establish a NZL Blue Belt site, and have helped make the open day possible.

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