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Good to know we all agree!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Last weekend Commodore Bill lead the team in a planning meeting.

He posed the question to us around what our vision was for the club, what did we want to see, hear and feel etc. We looked at him expecting a rousing rendition of kumbaya, yet no guitar was in sight....

In attendance was a representative of the junior squad (8yold because mum and dad just dragged him along and what else do you do on a Sunday morning?). He didn't skip a beat! In fact his view was a drawing of the older kids and adults helping the younger new sailors get their boats off the racks, teaching them to sail and helping out when the kids capsize.

If that wasn't enough of a vision for the club - what is?

As we went around the table it was all clear we were all there for the same direction and the same reason - phew! Good to have the crew sailing the same race.

The key word that came up (six times I understand) was 'Community'/ Hapori. We all agreed on the same sentiment. To the right are all the feelings and descriptors that we used to outline our vision.

As we moved into outlining the Pillars that hold up the operations - you know, get that pie in to the pie warmer - we were reminded of the enormous number of people that keep the engine going.

The outcome of our session was there is a lot to do - and we need more help - so that feeling you have on the back of you neck? That's one of us about to tap you on the shoulder to ask sweet favors of help.

We did agree, that Safety is our number one priority - we have work to do and mahi will be done! Watch this space, because we are leaving behind the 'She'll be right' and moving towards "The door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense" or something equally cheesy yet boldly important.

Marutau/keep safe and lets get into the season!


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