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Synch the WBBC Calendar Live to your Outlook or Google Calendar

This is the Read Only URL that your Calendar Application requires when it asked for " Add Calendar / From Internet or URL". Any changes in the WBBC calendar will be synchronized live to your Cell Phone or PC calendar application using the "iCal" system.

ADD to Outook Calendar:

Open your Outlook calendar / Home / Add Calendar / From Internet / Enter the location of the internet calendar you want to add to Outlook. /  Copy and paste URL above.   Then you can then "Overlay" the separate WBBC calendar to make Club events appear within your own Outlook Calendar. 

ADD to Google Calendar:

Open your Google calendar / SettingsMenu Icon / Settings / Add Calendar / From URL / Copy and paste URL above.

ADD to APPLE Calendar:

Open Calendar / Add Calendar / Add Subscription Calendar / Copy and paste URL above.     View in List View by tapping the List Icon on the iPhone Calendar screen.


If you have problems or want to become a Calendar Editor  please email:

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