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Dean-StanleyWelcome to the 2016-2017 sailing season at Worser Bay Boating Club.

We have got a busy 12 months ahead of us all. As the season opens we have completed the vast majority of the preliminary consenting processes for our new building and are well underway with the fundraising to make it a reality.
The aim is to complete all of the detailed design work and to have secured a building consent before Christmas. In early December we will make a decision about whether or not to start building in April 2017. This decision will be based upon the progress we have made in our fundraising endeavours.

We need your help!

What we are doing is laying the foundations for the next sixty years of sailing at Worser Bay and there are two ways members can contribute to the fundraising effort. By making a legacy donation you will pay forward for future generations to have use of a facility in much the same way as we have all benefited from the what our predecessors have provided for us.

If you have a company, then you can sign the company up to our Argosy programme. The exciting thing about the Argosy programme is that it not only helps with the rebuild but also funds the club’s learn to sail, water safety in schools and youth development programmes.

This year we are also embarking on three significant development initiatives for the club. The first is a revamp of our learn to sail programme. The second is the piloting of a water safety in schools programme. The third is setting in place the regional youth development programme. All three of these initiatives are under development and are intended to be fully up and running once the new building is in place.

Our two major events this coming season are the Beach Carnival and the Barn Dance. The Beach Carnival is designed to expand on the Hebtro Trophy concept and involve the whole community in a day-long celebration of everything that is great about Worser Bay. The Barn Dance is this year’s instalment of the Argosy Ball … if the Love Boat Ball is anything to go by then you will not want to miss the Barn Dance!

I would like to thank in advance the more than fifty people who have put their hand up to join one of our committees this season. This is a staggering effort and shows that out club is in very good heart and well set up for a great twelve months of activity.

I wish you every success for the coming season, be it in racing, in working for the club or simply mucking about in boats. I look forward to seeing you out on the water at some point during the season and don’t forget … the Worser the Bay the Better the Sailing.

Dean Stanley

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