The WBBC Argosy Group

Argosy: noun ar-go-sy ‘A fleet of merchant ships’.

Just as a fleet of merchant ships supports one another, the WBBC Argosy Group helps like minded businesses connect and thrive. Our WBBC Argosy Group members are:

Align Consulting     Aluminum Extrusion     Aries Commercial     Barlow McCormack     Catalyst     Catapult     Central Group
Craigs Investment Partners     Dunning Thornton     Hot Chilly     Inside Design     Jewetts Real Estate     JPB     Karori Vet Clinic
LT McGuiness     Mechanical Access     Metal Morphic     Metro Glass     Moore Wilsons     NCS Acoustics     Novak+Middleton Architects
NZL Transport     Opus      Orbit Heavy Haulage     Point North     Portacom     The Queens Sailing Laboratory     Ricoh
Snorkel     Urology Care Wellington     Wellington Scaffolding     Wellington Windows and Doors     Woods Waste

Changing Room Upgrade/Rebuild in 2013

The following organisations and people are proud sponsors of Worser Bay Boating Club’s new Changing Rooms.

NZCT New Zealand Community Trust     Wellington Windows and Doors     Joslin Builders Ltd     Novak + Middleton Architects
JPB Painting Contractors Ltd     Ross Walker     Bunnings     The Gas Hub     E G Glennie Plumbers     Craig McGuinness Electrical
Xtreme Protective linings     Jamie McDowell     Bob Shaw     Richard Dreverman     Jonathon and Sarah Bacon     Fusion Metalworks
Stylecraft Stairs     James Hardies     Mark Stanley     Glass Consultancy     Rheem     Humepine