Food and Bar Service

Food and bar service operates for Saturday sailing and is run on a volunteer basis.

It takes only a short time to get familiar with serving behind the bar or preparing food. Prices are displayed in the kitchen. Instructions are listed below and also in a clearfile kept in the kitchen.

Lunchs and snacks are made available for sale from around 1130hrs onwards. To comply with liquor licensing rules, food (not just snacks) must be available at all times when alcohol is sold. Pies, hot dogs and ingredients for toasted sandwiches are kept in the fridge, freezer and pantry for this purpose.

EFTPos is available at the club. A duplicate receipt prints with each transaction and one copy is to remain in the till. Please seek help if you are unsure how to use this facility.

Saturday Lunch Duty

Two people are rostered for each Saturday’s lunch duty. Please be there by around 10.30am. The first person on the list should bring milk for tea/coffee, which can be reimbursed from the till. Food for lunches is supplied by a House Committee member. Additional food should be heated and/or prepared if it looks like the bakery food will be sold out. Please leave a note if stocks are running low.

Unattended children are not permitted in the kitchen, and the kitchen is to be kept locked at all times when not in active use.

Saturday Afternoon Food and Bar Duty

Two people are rostered for afternoon duty and should arrive before racing finishes, if possible. The first person to arrive should heat or prepare food from the selection available. If your team partner is new, please give them a quick rundown on the operation of the bar and kitchen facilities.

If the bakery food is sold out, pies, hot dogs or toasted sandwiches from the freezer or pantry should be made available for sale to comply with liquor licensing rules. (See below.)

Closing Up

Close and lock the grill. Put away all foodstuffs. Lock the fridges and pantry. Ensure cash is dealt with as per below. Lock the kitchen before leaving.

The kitchen/bar should be left as tidy as you would expect to find it. Unsold food should be thrown away or stored, if saleable. Rubbish sacks and recycling should be placed in the wheelibins next to stairs.

Money is not to be left at the clubrooms. At the end of the day, pass the day’s takings to the Bob Shaw, the Treasurer, if he is available or Committee Member Craig Taylor. Please do not leave keys, money or responsibility with unauthorised persons.

Nominated Fire Warden

If you are the first-named person on the lunch or afternoon rosters, you are the nominated Fire Warden unless the duty Race Officer assumes this role. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with ‘In the Event of Fire’ in the section ‘About the Club’. Instructions are also posted in the kitchen. A fire extinguisher is kept above the bench next to the pantry.


The highest standards of cleanliness should always be maintained. Gloves and tongs should be used at all times when handling food.

The bar and food service is based very firmly on trust. Please resist the temptation to offer club merchandise at unauthorised or reduced rates for any reason.

And members, please do not ask bar or food volunteers to put your purchases on a ‘tab’.


Liquor Licensing Rules

While common sense will answer most liquor-related questions, there are some important rules bar staff should be aware of. A Bar Manager must be on duty at all times the bar is open and their name displayed on the whiteboard provided. If the Bar Manager is not in the club, a Deputy Bar Manager must be assigned to the task. Non-alcoholic drinks and food must be available at all times that the bar is open. A variety of food should be available – chippies alone will not suffice.

There are three categories of persons prohibited from being served:

  1. Minors, ie. persons under 18 years or people purchasing alcohol for minors,
  2. Non-members who are not guests. ie, people not included in the license. Guests of
a member must sign in to the club in the book provided,
  3. Intoxicated people.

Penalties exist for serving any of these persons. Bar persons may be fined $1,000, while the club’s Bar Manager may be fined $5,000. Serving liquor outside licensed hours carries a fine of $10,000.

In the event of a complaint or traffic accident involving a person who has consumed alcohol on our premises, it is our club that will suffer the consequences (as well as other innocent people who may be involved).

Note: It is illegal to serve spirits in a glass exceeding 500ml.

Social Occasions

Hebtro Trophy day (a major fundraising event), the WBBC Regatta, club picnic day and other special occasions are held during the season. The major events are listed in the programme and updates are posted via the website and email news. These events require lots of willing helpers; arrangements will be made closer to the time.

Host Responsibility

The Commodore and committee members want you to enjoy our clubrooms and bar facilities. Our policy is to serve members in a friendly, responsible and professional manner. We believe that boating and alcohol don’t mix and ask that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is left until you have finished sailing.

For your safety and enjoyment, we provide a range of hot and cold food. We serve tea, coffee and other alcohol-free drinks, and water is freely available. By law, we cannot serve alcohol to intoxicated or underage people. All liquor must be consumed and all glasses cleared away no later than 30 minutes after the closure of the bar.

Avoid the risks of drinking and driving – ask about safe transport options. 34

Use of Facilities after Sailing

The club barbeque and facilities can be made available for those wanting to stay on for BYO meals for their family after Saturday racing. However, you are responsible for cleaning up afterwards. Any food brought in for this purpose needs to be labelled and kept in the food fridge. (i.e. Not the drinks fridges).