This season we are moving to a new format for learn to sail.

The new format is much more tailored to individual’s skills and experience and their time availability.

Private lessons are undertaken using the Club’s sunburst yachts which are a two person boat with either two or three sails. Individual private lessons are provided on a one on one basis with the instructor sailing as crew in the sunburst. Paired lessons are also provided and involve two people sailing the sunburst and the instructor in a rescue boat sailing nearby. We recommend that a number of individual lessons be undertaken on a one on one basis before moving onto a paired lesson arrangement.

The price of individual lessons is $25/hr or $15/hr for each sailor in the case of paired lessons. We also ask that you commit to two sessions initially.

With the move to private lessons we do not have a set day or time that lessons will occur, instead it is based on the availability of the coach and you (the sailor).

If you have any more question feel free to ask.

Contact Craig Taylor 388 1646 or for further information or to express interest in doing a course.

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