Office Holders Responsibilities


Overall responsibility for management of the club falls on the Commodore. He/she chairs the general committee meetings and AGM. The Commodore is answerable to the committee and the general membership. The Commodore is the official representative of the club.

Vice Commodore And Rear Commodore

These two office holders chair the sailing and house committees respectively and have overall responsibility for the functions of these committees. They report to the general committee and may represent the club at external functions.

Club Captain

The Club Captain reports to the general committee and Commodore and looks after suggestions, complaints, etc from members, keeps an eye on morale, and MC’s at club events such as Opening Day and Prizegiving.

Coaching Coordinator

The Coaching Coordinator will be an experienced instructor, able to organise and manage club instruction and sailing programmes. He or she is the communication link between the club and Yachting New Zealand’s National Training Officer. The Coaching Coordinator works with other members of the sailing committee concerning the delivery of coaching services by the RPNYC Sailing Academy.


The Secretary reports to the general committee and Commodore. He/she is responsible for coordinating and publicising meetings, taking minutes, dealing with correspondence, and may also maintain the club’s records. The Secretary has a legal duty to sign some club documentation.


The Treasurer reports to the general committee and Commodore and is responsible for maintaining the club accounts, producing budgets and collating accounts payable for approval at committee meetings. The Treasurer also produces an annual statement, arranges for financial auditing and makes recommendations on subscriptions and other fees.

Boat Master

The Boat Master reports to the sailing sub-committee and Vice Commodore. He/she organises the manning and maintenance of the rescue craft and the maintenance of other club training boats. Other duties include allocating boat storage, managing the hire of boats (within club policy) and preparing a budget for boat maintenance and operation.


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