Committees and Office Holders

This is for the 2016/17 season and is yet to be updated to reflect the changes for the new season.



Pen Moore


Jill Stanley

Vice Presidents

Brian Cardiff, Paul Hastings


Jamie McDowell, Nigel Lloyd

General Committee

Commodore, Dean Stanley 021 332 609
Vice Commodore, Alastair Campbell 027 556 6797
Rear Commodore, Belinda Stanley 021 733 379
Club Captain, Nigel Lloyd 388 7400
Club Fleet Coordinator, Craig Taylor 388 1646
Coaching Coordinator Glenn Stanley 021 464100
Membership Secretary, Bob Shaw 972 2645
Treasurer, Bob Shaw 972 2645
Secretary, Alison Aldred 021 174 1150
Nick Sceats 021 767118
Richard Dreverman 027 561 7715
Michael Gray 027 702 4692
Belinda Pope 386 1761

Note that Club Captain is outside the General Committee.

Race Committee

Alastair Campbell, Maurice Scott (Race Secretary), Andrew Paterson, John Kliffen, Michele Governale, James MacRae, Glenn Stanley, George Wilcock, Craig Taylor, Adrian Withell, Glenn Stanley, Michael Gray, Glenn Armstrong, Stephen Florentine, Bryn Bennett, Shaun Sheldrake, Penny Kerr, Lucy Shapland, Antony Nevin, Jonathan Bacon, Geoff Grimwood (Webmaster)

House Committee

Belinda Stanley, Andrea Crichton, Belinda Pope, Bindi Hood, Cathrine Lloyd, Elle Woods, Tony Crew, Katie Comesky, Lyndal Linton, Mandy Evans, Sue Graafland, Priscilla Win, Rachel Collins, Sally Taylor-Smith, Sarah Bacon

Rebuild Committee

Dean Stanley, Jamie McDowell, Alison Aldred, Nick Sceats, Sarah Bacon, Simon Novak, Mark Stanley, Nigel Lloyd, Mike Hood, Andrea Crichton, Andrea Thompson, Rob Woodward, Sue Graafland, David Lyford, Paul Thomas, Richard Dreverman, Ross Walker, Rob Bryant, Johnny Malthus

Shed Masters

North Shed,  Mandy Taylor 388 7728
South Shed,  Joe Porebski 388 7334
PD Shed,  Alastair Campbell 027 556 6797